The China Factor
A New Book by Amy Karam

The China Factor equips Western businesses with a practical framework for competing successfully in today’s ever–changing global markets.

Based on customers in over 50 countries, you will learn why a premium product, though domestically successful, may not be well received in foreign markets, and you’ll discover the critical factors that contribute to success in both established and emerging markets. Disruptive competitors are transformed from threats to examples as you learn to recognize opportunities for re–evaluation, and shift your strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

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Amy explains the fundamentals

Silicon Valley Bank Chairman
– Ken Wilcox

Praising The China Factor Book

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✦ “The China Factor is right on the mark. It addresses a real need, one that very few others are tackling the action that US and other Western–based companies can take in response to the China challenge. Global competitiveness is a huge problem for the West and companies are ill–prepared.

The China Factor goes beyond what other books do, providing an important, insightful, and practical prescription on how companies can shift their strategy…”

– KEN WILCOX, former CEO and chairman, current Chairman Emeritus, Silicon Valley Bank

✦ “The China Factor's case studies and practical resources make this book a must–read for any corporation that wants to win globally, particularly as innovation is being redefined.”


✦ “The China Factor provides a new strategic framework and an essential set of marketing guidelines for Western companies that have to compete or partner with Chinese firms in OECD countries, China or emerging market countries.”

– DR. RAYMOND LEVITT, Kumagai Professor of Engineering, and Director, Global Projects Center, Stanford University

✦ “High tech companies need to shift their innovation approach when going global and The China Factor is the ultimate guide to sustainable success in Emerging Markets. Innovation does not apply solely to products but also to business strategies, especially when looking at international expansion.”

– JEAN–BAPTISTE SU, technology columnist, Forbes

✦ “This work is a compelling guide into the complexity and the great rewards of doing business in Emerging Markets – and for those who are looking for new growth opportunities for both products as well as services. The China Factor is the ultimate guide into sustainable success in Emerging Markets.”

– ANTHONY R. VONSÉE, former Managing Director Sales, Emerging Africa, Cisco Systems

✦ “Amy Karam has done the business community a huge favor by making sense of many of the trends which are reshaping the global environment at a breathtaking rate, and then offering her thoughts on how to take advantage of the opportunities.”

– BRUCE PICKERING, VP Global Programs, Asia Society, Northern California

Endorsements for The China Factor

See Amazon’s 5–Star Reviews on “The China Factor”.

✦ “I especially liked Karam's advice on using U.S. Government resources – an often overlooked force multiplier for American businesses, and how best to leverage your own company's Government Affairs groups to succeed. This is a must–read!”

– FRED SCHWIEN, former Executive Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce and Boeing Executive

✦ “Amy was directly involved in developing a sales strategy customer by customer for several years. She lived and breathed the battle of protecting existing accounts, or winning new accounts with a competitor whose price was a fraction of Cisco's.”

– TAM DELL'ORO, CEO of Dell'Oro Group

✦ “I loved this book. The China Factor will provide you specific guidance and invaluable insights for expanding your business and achieving success globally.”

– NANETTE J. BULGER, CEO, executive director of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Association

✦ “In The China Factor, Amy Karam discusses how the way we innovate has changed and evolved. It can no longer be done in isolation but involves going beyond international borders. As she points out, learning about the culture and uniqueness of new markets and tapping into what has worked (and what has not!) in other regions is critical to success.”

– SANGEETA ANAND, SVP Product Management and Marketing, F5 Networks

✦ “For today's global strategists, Amy Karam's book, The China Factor, offers compelling insights into how to effectively win in the 21st century. In addition to the traditional 4 Ps of marketing, she explores a fifth P, the P called politics, which US–based organizations need to recognize, leverage, and occasionally counteract in order to be competitive. The China Factor blazes a new trail for business to follow in striving to achieve global success.”

– Dr. JUAN P. MONTERMOSO, professor of Practice in Marketing, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

✦ “Amy Karam is a visionary writer! As a global mentor, not only am I going to use it myself as a reference, but will also suggest it to start–ups to use it as a guide. She has eloquently highlighted how to harness competition, partnerships and cross–cultural learning to stimulate innovation and business success.”

– HULYA KOC, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Global Mentor, co–founder of Keiretsu Forum Istanbul Chapter

Amy Karam

Amy Karam is a 20–year expert in competitive strategy and global market expansion.

The China Factor is packed with insights gained through first–hand experience leading competitive programs at a high–tech multinational corporation and customers across 50 countries Karam has worked with companies like Cisco, Apple, CapitalOne, as well as start–ups, and is a corporate instructor of Stanford courses, as well as her own.

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